Puppies...puppies...puppies.. and puppies !!!!!


Puppies are born and Milla is fine !! They are one liver male and a blue girl !!!

Hurraaa !!!! My book is published !!!

The book I wrote about this beautifull breed is at last READY TO BE PURCHASED IN EVERY BOOKSHOP !!

Happy Puppy !!!

and Violetta the mother


Granlasco BENHUR 


Our little princess Granlasco MILLA jOVOVICH !!!  iTALIAN CHAMPION at only 20 months !!

A special thank to her handler and trimmer BIAGIO CELLAMARE  for his wonderfull work with Milla !!!

About us

  • About us ......

  • Our names.. Dr.Giulia Anselmi

    My name is Giulia Anselmi I am Veterinary and since 1987 I breed Bedlington terriers, I am a FCI Judge for the breed. I follow the matings and the litters wh

  • Claudio Perego

    I am Claudio Perego and I always show our bedlingtons in the rings in Italy and also abroad. My activity as Ring Steward get me many contact with foreing Judg

Our Bedlingtons

  • Granlasco LORD RANDALL

    Enjoing the beautifull Sardinian' sea ...

  • Bedlingtons are perfect for your home.....

    Milla Jovovic relaxing in her favourit place....

  • Granlasco MORTISIA nickname " POLLICE "

    POLLICE owned by my breeding partner CLAUDIO PEREGO female color Blue born 13/03/2007 DNA test 1:2 deletion carrier 1 Pollice è - JUNGSTENBUNDESSI

  • Granlasco VIOLETTA

    VIOLETTA is my dog still belongs to my kennel by the way female blue color born 06/04/2006 DNA test 1:1 deletion carrier 0 VIOLETTA is -Giovane

  • Inka Vesalia FELICITA nickname

    CORA female color BLUE & TAN German Import From INKA KENNEL cortesy of Frau IrmgardVOGT born 07/10/2005 DNA test 1:1 deletion:0 CORA is co-owne

  • Granlasco NEMO

    NEMO is owned by Annalisa Gemmari male color blue born 26/01/2005 DNA test 1:2 deletion carrier 1 NEMOis : - ITALIAN CHAMPION - INTERNATI

  • GRANLASCO ROSE you will be in our hearts ...

    ROSY was private property of my son GIULIO female sandy color born 22/03/2002 dead 09/11/2010 DNA test 1:2 deletion carrier 1 ROSY was not a Champ

  • Ch . Granlasco LAMPO

    LAMPO owner Rosanna Vitale male Sandy color born 22/03/2002 DNA test 1:2 deletion carrier 1 LAMPOis -ITALIAN CHAMPION

  • Stanolly Swift Step nickname " PEPSY "

    PEPSY male Sandy color born 23/11/1994 DNA 1:2 Pepsy is ENGLISH CHAMPION BOB Crufts' 1996 ITALIAN CHAMPIO


    Ch. Stanolly SHOOTING STAR whose name has always been " ZORRO " arrived in ITaly soon after Teddy and was MY DOG for almost 15 years... still loosing him ...

  • Ch Stanolly Sunny Romero

    This is the first of my import from "STANOLLY KENNEL " when " TEDDY " arrived in Italy was 1986